Admission to St. Mary’s College, Quezon City is granted with a definite understanding that the pupil/student and parents or guardians agree in writing to comply with the scholastic standards of the school and its rules and regulations.


The school reserves the right, whenever necessary and expedient, to treat violations of the school rules and regulations in accordance with the Christian system of discipline and guidance. The right to dismiss any pupil for poor scholastic work or school conduct unbecoming of a Marian is likewise reserved to the school authorities.


Admission Requirements for New Pupils/ Students and Transferees


Basic Education Department:


  • Preschool                – Prekindergarten and Kindergarten
  • Elementary              – Grade 1 to Grade 6
  • Junior High School  – Grade 7 to Grade 10
  • Senior High School  – Grade 11 to Grade 12

Strands                    – STEM    (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

                                  HumSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

                                  ABM      (Accountancy Business and Management)

                                  GAS      (General Academic Strand)


College Department:


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (Major in English, Mathematics and Science)
  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration
  • Teacher Certificate Program


  1. Requirements for Online Admission:
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Latest Report Card

Alternative Documents: Certified True Copy of Certificate of Enrollment for K to 12 and College / Result of Online STEM Test for STEM applicants


  • Reservation Fee amounting to Php 2,000.00
  • Accomplished Online Recommendation Form from the Class Adviser and Guidance Counselor
  1. Online Admission Process

Step 1: Scan the following admission requirements:


  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Latest Report Card or Certificate of Enrollment (with School Head’s Signature and School Seal)
  • Proof of Payment – Reservation Fee Php 2,000.00

Step 2: Accomplish the Online Admission Form and upload the scanned copies of the admission requirements.


SMCQC Basic Education Admission Form


SMCQC College Admission Form


The Admission Confirmation Notice (ACN) will be sent to the applicant once review and processing of the admission requirements are completed. The ACN includes the schedule and other important details of the online interview.


Step 3: Attend the Online Interview through MS Teams and wait for the Acceptance Notice.


Step 4: Receive the Acceptance Notice through electronic mail and proceed to online enrollment.


  1. Alternative Modes of Payment
  • Payment of fees can be done through BPI Bank Deposit, BPI Online Banking/ Fund Transfer or Send Money/ Money Transfer/ Online Bank Transfer via GCash, PayMaya or other Online Banking options using the school’s Bank Account:

* BPI Account Name: St. Mary’s College


* BPI Account Number: 0271-0346-95

Requirements for Re-admission


For Elementary:


  1. A pupil with a failing Final Grade in Conduct at the end of the school year will not be admitted.
  1. Pupils who transferred to other schools or dropped and would like to come back may be re-admitted by passing the norms for admission of new pupils.


For Junior and Senior High School:

A returning student may be re-admitted:


  1. To the next grade level if he/she met the norms for re-admission;
  1. To the same grade level if he/she...

1. dropped for valid reasons the previous school year and is recommended by the Discipline Coordinator for re-admission; and

2. dropped out of school for two years or more and have passed the norms for admission and recommended by the Discipline Coordinator for re-admission.


For College:

A returning student may be re-admitted upon presentation of the Leave of Absence Form and Student’s Clearance.