The Finance Office is the financial center of the institution where the pupils’/students’ school fees are assessed and paid.

The office offers the following services:

A. Online Payment of Fees

Parents or guardians may avoid the long queues at the Finance Office by paying their children’s fees through BPI Online Facility. Parents who used this facility may inform the Finance staff to facilitate immediate checking with the bank and issuance of official receipt.


Modes of Payment

Annual Basis

Full Payment


Upon Enrollment

Semestral Basis

1st Semester

Upon Enrollment

2nd Semester

1st week of January

Quarterly Basis 1st Quarter

Upon Enrollment

2nd Quarter

1st week of October

3rd Quarter

1st week of January

4th Quarter

1st week of March

Monthly Basis

1st Payment

Upon Enrollment

July to April

Within the 1st week of each month


Payment of fees can be done through the following alternative payment options:

  • BPI Bank Deposit
  • BPI Online Fund Transfer
  • Bank Transfer for other Banks and Online Payment Platforms (GCash/ PayMaya)

BPI Account Name :   ST. MARY’S COLLEGE
BPI Account Number: 0271-0346-95


Send through email the screenshot of payment transactions as proof of payment. Indicate the Student Number, Student’s Full Name and Purpose of Payment as subject of the email.
Example: To:
                    Subject: 11-1234 John D. Cruz School Fees


B. Issuance of Statement of Account and Collectible Reports

Parents are updated of their children’s dues two (2) weeks before the examination schedule by periodic issuance of Individual Statement of Account. The Class Advisers are also given the Class Collectible Report to facilitate follow-up and early settlement of the pupils’/students’ accounts.


C. Issuance of Examination Permits

The Finance Office releases the Class Examination Permits a day before the tests to the Class Advisers to keep them posted of the names of pupils/students in their respective class advisories who have not yet settled their accounts one (1) day before the examinations.


Service Hours:


         Monday to Thursday                 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Friday                                        7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




            Ground Floor, Beaterio Building


            Telephone numbers:             (8)373-6847 to 49  local 203/204


            Email address: