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Senior High School Alumni Spotlight


Antoinette B. Go

(ABM, Batch 2020)

Graceilla Felise B. Tena

(HumSS, Batch 2020)


Jairus John A. Francisco

(HumSS Batch 2018)

Emjay B. Luna

(GAS, Batch 2020)

Hannah Marcelle M. Balahadia (STEM, Batch 2020)

Sheanne Pauline R. Paganao (ABM, Batch 2020)


Vianca Ann G. Adrineda

(HumSS, Batch 2020)

Maria Raphaela Emmanuelle P. Pedroso (HumSS, Batch 2018)

Jansen Carlos C. Montano

(STEM, Batch 2019)

Josiah Cedric M. Pizarro

(ABM, Batch 2019)

Ralf Michael S. Balatibat

(STEM, Batch 2020)

Juan Miguel M. Enriquez

(HumSS, Batch 2020)


Ellen May R. Jarlego

(ABM, Batch 2018)

Stephen Mary S. Encarnacion

(STEM, Batch 2020)

Rhea Cristina M. Palla

(ABM, Batch 2019)

Scherjeamlhaine Arndthkeathe M. Casaje (ABM, Batch 2018)

Charmaine Jamie C. Marquez (STEM, Batch 2018)

Patricia Alexandra S. Arandia (STEM, Batch 2019)

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