The Science Laboratory is a learning area where scientific researches, laboratory experiments and activities are conducted. The EPP/TLE Laboratories are learning venues where pupils/ students are taught not only about cooking and safety but also on personal responsibility leading them to become more responsible homemakers. These venues facilitate the utilization of techniques they learned in class, in their home life and on how to take care of their household and themselves.

Fully aware of our commitment to our Ignacian Marian community in line with the school’s vision – mission, quality objectives and the school thrust, the Laboratory Service Unit provides effective and quality services that will further enhance the academic performance of pupils/students and be able to apply their understanding of learning concepts in real life situations. To support and achieve these goals, the Laboratory Service Unit provides well- planned activities, trainings, and programs that will help enhance the personnel’s personal and professional competencies thus, maintaining quality service to the pupils/ students and other stakeholders.


Service Hours:

        Monday - Thursday          8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

        Friday                               8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.




A. Science Laboratories:

• Elementary Science Laboratory - Fifth Floor, Beaterio Building
• Junior High School Science Laboratories (1 and 2) - Fourth Floor, Mother Ignacia Building
• Junior High School Science Laboratories (3 and 4) - Fifth Floor, Mother Ignacia Building
• Senior High School / College Laboratories - Fourth Floor, Annunciation Building


 B. TLE Laboratory


• Cooking Area -Fifth Floor, St. Joseph Building
• Sewing Room- Fifth Floor, St. Joseph Building
• Cooking Room (Extension) - Fifth Floor, St. Joseph Building
• Practice House - Fifth Floor, St. Joseph Building


C. HE/EPP/Industrial Arts - Ground Floor/ At the back of the Marian Building


         Telephone numbers:           (8)373-6846 to 49

                                                     local 112, 312, 410, 503 and 504


          Email address: