The Library and Audio Visual Center aspires to be a catalyst of social transformation for the formation of Ignacian Marian leaders through updated collection, innovative services and sharing of practices and community resources in an interconnected world. It aims to provide relevant, up-to-date and well-balanced resources in various formats to address information needs and demands of pupil/student and faculty research; encourage pupils/students to build new knowledge and improve skills and resourcefulness in their use of resources and the commons; provide access to various well-organized information resources and technology; engage in different experiential activities that will mold the pupils/students to be Ignacian Marian leaders; establish and continue partnership and linkages with different institutions to widen the sources for information towards common goals; initiate and enhance new knowledge by identifying and understanding the customers’ diverse needs and demands and assist pupils/students in their choice of resources for learning to address both personal and curricular needs.


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Library Resources:


Print books and periodicals are available on closed shelves.

The pupil/student may request print collections from the

Library. They will have two options: their parents may borrow

their requested books from the library or print books may

be delivered to them thru courier services at their

expense. Returned print materials will be placed in the returning

box stationed at the gate and will undergo book-quarantine

for seven (7) days.

Onsite use of the Library is permitted observing the health

protocols prescribed by the DOH and SMCQC. Activities that

will require a longer stay, e.g. reading print books, newspapers,

use of the library as a learning room are allowed on a limited number of faculty/ students only. Removal of chairs from the reading area is not allowed. In the event of impending overcrowding, faculty/ pupils/students will not be permitted to wait outside the library.


  • Circulation and Fiction Collection:

The Circulation Collection is arranged based on the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme; the Fiction Collection is arranged according to Author’s Number.


  • Reserved Books

These are books removed from the shelves as requested by the faculty or by the pupils / students on specific period of time. These will be placed at the shelf inside the circulation counter.
These are books or other collection of the library of limited copies but often used by faculty and pupils /students.


  • General Reference Collection:

Print resources are “For Inside Use Only”.
These include dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, yearbooks, directories and atlases.
Online references can be accessed remotely.


  • Filipiniana, Rizaliana, Mother Ignacia Collection:

Filipiniana Collection are books written by Filipino authors, the subject of which is about the Philippines. Rizaliana are books about Dr. Jose P. Rizal. These books are found in the Filipiniana Section.

Mother Ignacia Collection is the special collection about the foundress of the RVM Congregation and its history. These books are found in the Filipiniana Section and are classified as reserved and overnight books.


  • Picture Books:

These are collection of books intended for beginning readers.
This collection is “For Room Use Only”.


  • Print and Online Resources:

These are electronic books, database, newspapers, entertainment magazines and scholarly journals of current and back issues which may be used in leisure reading or as reference for research.

Print periodicals are “For Room Use Only” while online resources can be accessed remotely by Log-in ID and providing the password.




For Grades 2 to 6 pupils and Grades 7 to 12 students, school ID is used in borrowing print and electronic books and availing of other library services.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 pupils are not required to have Borrower’s Cards. The teacher-in-charge will be the one to borrow from the Library for his/her class and is responsible for the care and preservation of the said materials.




Basic Education pupils/students may borrow circulation books for one week; these maybe renewed for another week or day. However, Grades 11 and 12 students may borrow book/s from the College Library or from Basic Education Library for a maximum of three days and may be allowed to renew for another three (3) days. Renewal may be done once unless overdue.

Reservation of books will be for two (2) days only. Unclaimed reserved books will be returned to the shelves without prior notice.

Filipiniana, Rizaliana and Mother Ignacia materials can be borrowed for one week.

Circulation and fiction books can be borrowed for two (2) weeks and may be renewed for another week unless needed by others.

General Reference, picture books and periodicals in print format are for ROOM USE ONLY.

Pupils/Students with overdue books will not be allowed to borrow until all loaned books/resources have been returned and fines are settled.

Pupils/Students are allowed to borrow only three (3) circulation and fiction books and two (2) Filipiniana books at a time.

Grade 2 pupils are allowed to borrow one (1) fiction book while the Grade 3 pupils can borrow (2) fiction books.


Use of Internet / Online Resources and Reproduction:


Computer/tablet units with Internet and Wifi access are available for pupils/students in the Library. Internet and Wifi access is a privilege for the pupils/students. With this, library users have the responsibility to  use it accordingly.

Internet / Wifi access can be availed of on a “First-Come, First-Served” basis. Only 3-5 students are allowed to use the computer/ tablet. Social distancing and other safety protocols will be strictly implemented.

Library users are required to present their IDs in exchange for an Internet Access Card at the Circulation Desk.

Internet station is for research use only. It should not be used for group discussion, lecture, viewing, Facebook browsing and the like to access the information in the computer station in the Library.

Extracting and printing of information from the internet should adhere to Republic Act No. 8293, Sec. 185 - 190 or the Copyright Law of the Philippines.

Printing is not available for wireless access service. Users are advised to use their personal email account

Sound of the laptop / IPad / Iphone / Smartphone, etc. must be turned off while in the Library.

Proper behavior while using or browsing the internet should be strictly observed.

The Library and AVC will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal gadgets or providing the plug point to its users.

 Any violation on these guidelines and of the Library and AV Center policies shall forfeit the privilege of using and availing the services.

Monitoring of the use of tablets is done by the Librarian through the installation of CM Locker. The use of computer stations is monitored through the software provided by the ITRC personnel.

Additional application may be added to the tablet with permission from the Library staff.

Equipment/Tablet should be treated as friends, therefore, care and proper handling of electronic equipment in the Library are encouraged. Lost/Damaged materials/accessories related to the tablet will be replaced with the same brand within the semester/school year.



Electronic books and online database are available in remote access. Pupils/Students can avail these resources using the following guidelines:


a. Online resources of the library are available to all bonafide SMCQC students and parents.

b. The students and parents may avail of the resources by sending an email of request to the Library and AVC email address (

c. Students may select their preferred online resource from the list that will be provided by the librarians or through the SMCQC webpage.

d. Once the identity of the parent/ student is verified, the librarians will send the access (username and password) of the preferred online resources.

e. The use of the online resources is for personal educational and research needs only. It may NOT be used for commercial use.




a. The identity of the students will be verified by sending a picture of the student’s ID for SY 2019-2020 and/or SY 2020-2021 (if available) to the librarians. This is for security purposes and will be subject to confidentiality between the user and the Library and AVC staff.

b. The validity of usage will be until August 31, 2020 (for old students of SY 2019-2020).

c. The password of the online resources will be changed by September 1, 2020.

d. A new account (username and password) will be sent to the parents and students once they have sent a proof of enrollment for SY 2020-2021.

e. Same guidelines and procedures will be implemented once the identity of the students had been verified.




The Audio Visual Center houses the non-print educational materials and equipment for instructional and institutional activities. Services as of the moment are available for faculty and personnel only. Services for students will resume once face-to-face instruction is allowed.

Audio Visual Resources:


  • Visual Materials:

These include charts, kits, diorama, posters, pictures, maps, globes, transparencies, models, shapes and other visual materials.


  • Audio / Video Materials:

These include CDs, DVDs, VCDs, audio online and cassette tapes to supplement the needs of the faculty and pupils / students for teaching and learning.


  • Audio Visual Equipment:

AV equipment include LCD, DVD Player, Boombox with Bluetooth and USB Player, CD Cassette Player, Documentary Camera, TV,Hite Board, Karaoke, different kinds of cameras like digital camera and video camera, etc.


  • Musical Instruments:

These include guitars, keyboards, tambourines, beatbox, maracas and ukulele.




A pupil/student must present his/her ID to avail of AV resources.




Basic Education pupils/students are allowed to borrow AV materials and equipment for a maximum of two (2) hours and may be renewed for another hour unless overdue or needed by others. Only the following may be borrowed by the pupils/students:

  • Guitars
  • CD player
  • Beatbox
  • Tambourines
  • Ukulele

         College students are allowed to borrow AV materials and equipment for one day.


         Other AV materials and equipment not mentioned above, if needed in any school activity, may be borrowed by the teacher-in-charge/ professors.


         Overdue materials and equipment will be charged Php 10.00 per hour per material and equipment, excluding Saturdays and Sundays and holidays.


         Overnight fees apply. Pupils/Students are NOT allowed to borrow AV resources during examination days.



The requesting pupil/student shall fill out the Job Request Form (VPAdmi-LIBAVC-FO-014).

Requests for documentation, dubbing and recording, data transfer and transferring of pictures to USB and CD should be filed 3 days before the actual need of the material. Urgent request shall be subjected to the availability of the AV personnel.

Blank CDs or USBs should be provided by the requestor.



Lost/Damaged Library and AVC resources should be reported at once so that overdue fines will not be imposed. Accounts should be settled within a week after the reported loss. Expensive resources can be settled within the school year before the signing of clearance.

Lost/Damaged resources should be replaced with the same brand or model, author, title or latest edition on a specific period. If the book or AV material or equipment is irreplaceable, 100% acquisition and processing expenses must be paid to the Accounting Office.

Lost or Damaged borrowed AV materials and equipment should be reported to the Librarian. However, loss/es or the extent of damaged of borrowed materials and equipment, if occurred during the borrowed period, shall be the responsibility of the borrower.




All Library and AV Center users are expected to manifest proper behavior and contribute to the Library and AV Center atmosphere conducive to study and research. Silence must be maintained at all times.

Books are treated as friends, therefore, care and proper handling of Library and AV Center resources are encouraged.

All personal belongings must be deposited near the entrance door before entering the Library.

Eating, sleeping and talking loud inside the Library and AV Center are not allowed.

Stealing, vandalism, accessing pornographic materials and hiding Library and AVC resources are strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty will be subjected to disciplinary action.

All materials brought out of the Library and AV Center should be properly charged out in the Circulation Counter.

Electronics items (e.g mp3, mp4, iPad, iPhone, Tab) should be in silent mode or turned off while inside the Library / AV Center.)




           Monday - Thursday      8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

         Friday                           8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




         Basic Education Library Learning Commons     - Ground Floor, Assumption Chapel

         SHS/ College Library and Audio Visual Center  - Second Floor, Immaculate Conception Building




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