The Center for Research and Professional Development serves as the primary unit of SMCQC that caters to the research needs of the different sectors of the institution. The Center collaborates with the different members of the academic community in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the institution’s research agenda and annual research undertakings. Research directions with corresponding success indicators are clearly defined to support the center’s vision and mission.




A pro-active, dynamic and excellent research center that functions for the attainment of St. Mary’s College, Quezon City’s vision-mission, quality policy and objectives.




The Center for Research and Professional Development is committed to:


  • pursue research to gain/develop new knowledge in different fields;

  • set high standards of research that will advance the school’s goal to produce globally-competitive Ignacian Marian learners of faith, excellence and service;

  • conduct/ support institutional researches to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the services offered by the school to its stakeholders and partner communities; and

  • provide opportunities for professional development that will enhance the research capability and skills of faculty, personnel and students.




  1. Continue to promote and increase the participation for research and other scholarly activities of the Academic/ Non-Teaching Personnel and students.

  1. Implement meaningful and relevant activities that develop the research skills of personnel/ students.

  1. Intensify the implementation of the Research Program that addresses the needs of the institution/ department / unit and leads to research productivity.

  1. Measure intended research activity outcomes using appropriate evaluation tools.

  1. Continue collaboration/ networking with other institutions in all levels to strengthen the research culture and implementation of the research.

  1. Update and upgrade the research materials in the Library/ ITRC to support conduct of research.




  1. Research Colloquium

A colloquium is an academic meeting or seminar on some field of study usually led by a different lecturer at each meeting.


The Research Colloquium is one of the institution’s official fora for presentation of completed researches by the faculty/administrators and Non-Teaching Personnel under one of the school’s key directions of promoting a culture of research.


The colloquium aims to:


  • provide researches an opportunity to share with the academic/non-academic community significant information and findings/outcomes pertinent to their studies;
  • create a venue for researchers to get constructive comments from experts in their areas/disciplines for improvement of research outputs;
  • develop/Improve the critiquing capability/skills of the school’s faculty/administrators and non-teaching personnel to undertake their own research projects;
  • motivate/encourage other faculty members/administrators and Non-Teaching Personnel to undertake their own research projects; and
  • build a collection of research outputs which can be published in hard and/or electronic copy.


  1. Institutional Research Forum

The Institutional Research Forum is organized and conducted to provide the faculty, Non-Teaching Personnel and students the opportunity to showcase their research work in the academic community. The Research Council selects from the approved and submitted research outputs the research work that will be presented in the research forum. The research forum is conducted at least once every academic year.



  1. Research Journal Publication

The Center for Research and Professional Development ensures that research works of faculty, personnel and students are properly disseminated in oral and written forms. Manuscripts of research works are internally reviewed by the Research Council and Research Editorial Board. After a thorough internal review, revisions and finalization, research papers are forwarded to the partner University, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Open University (PUO-OU) System for peer review. Peer reviewers provide feedback and recommendations as regards quality of the submitted research papers for publication. Recommended and approved research papers are published in the SMCQC Research Journal with corresponding International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).





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